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Thursday, June 25, 2009

INspired Design

Flipping through my monthy "Hospitality Design" Magazine, I came across two spaces that I wanted to share. I don't ear-mark my pages and keep the mags, sorry, but I don't! I get great Joy in tearing them out an posting them up!
The first is a nightclub that caught my eye. It is called Mondrian and is in South Beach, Florida.
It was designed by Marcel Wanders Design Studio in Amsterdam (which by the way have a Fantastic website!! http://www.marcelwanders.com/ )
The second is located in Toronto. It is called Osteria. What got me was the LIGHTING! I love it! Fantastic moveable lights! They set the mood, they add to the decor, and they break up the space. Well done! This was designed by Glannone Petricone Associates Inc. Architects, in Toronto.

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