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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Saving the Flowers

Some of you may know that I'm Wedding Planning these days!
I've decided to make all of my flowers! No real ones!
Thanks to Martha Stewart, I've got just the thing!!!
Last night I started to make flowers, and I have actually figured out ways of making them just a little easier than Martha.  My fingers are not as good as hers I guess.

My first flower was the "Folded Petal"...what I saw was that as we tried to attach the petals, the wire would twist, the white ball would move, it made a Big Mess!  Tacky glue to the rescue!
By gluing the white ball to the wire, and then using it's tacky-ness to add the first petals, the job was instantly quicker, easier, and there was a LOT less hair pulling!

I'll share photos with you as I get them done.  So far so good!!

I have declared that I am creating an amazing wedding on a tight tight tight budget. 
Item one: Flowers.  CHECK!
And the best part is, there is no water needed, they will not wilt, I don't need to store them in the fridge, I don't need to have a melt down when they don't arrive in time. Presto! Done!
Just hope it doesn't rain!!! 

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