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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Great Idea, little cost!

I love coming across these simple, yet fabulous ideas!
Most of you know that I'm getting married in October, and I'm always on the hunt for cool, fun, ad exciting little extras.

I found this photo and instantly thought of a Photo Booth for the wedding..why not make the little costumes for my guests to play with.... mustaches on sticks...suns, hats, clouds, etc...All you need is a camera and a tri-pod... the backgroud can be a bed sheet from a vintage shop! How fun!

We should all be able to laugh at each other and ourselves! I'm off to go make some masks!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

INspired Design

Flipping through my monthy "Hospitality Design" Magazine, I came across two spaces that I wanted to share. I don't ear-mark my pages and keep the mags, sorry, but I don't! I get great Joy in tearing them out an posting them up!
The first is a nightclub that caught my eye. It is called Mondrian and is in South Beach, Florida.
It was designed by Marcel Wanders Design Studio in Amsterdam (which by the way have a Fantastic website!! http://www.marcelwanders.com/ )
The second is located in Toronto. It is called Osteria. What got me was the LIGHTING! I love it! Fantastic moveable lights! They set the mood, they add to the decor, and they break up the space. Well done! This was designed by Glannone Petricone Associates Inc. Architects, in Toronto.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Four Years Old!

Monday, June 22, 2009

To be a Kid Again!

Oh To be a Kid Again!
This is a collection of some of my favorite kids' rooms!
A little paint, and some time, and voila! You have yourself an Underwater World!

Ok Ok..this one takes a LOT more time and a LOT more paint.... but how fun!
White fence from Home Depot, paper flowers, and paint.
These last two are my Absolute Faves!!! So easy to do!!!!
This will eventually be my office! But ofcourse the bricks will be RED RED RED!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Saving the Flowers

Some of you may know that I'm Wedding Planning these days!
I've decided to make all of my flowers! No real ones!
Thanks to Martha Stewart, I've got just the thing!!!
Last night I started to make flowers, and I have actually figured out ways of making them just a little easier than Martha.  My fingers are not as good as hers I guess.

My first flower was the "Folded Petal"...what I saw was that as we tried to attach the petals, the wire would twist, the white ball would move, it made a Big Mess!  Tacky glue to the rescue!
By gluing the white ball to the wire, and then using it's tacky-ness to add the first petals, the job was instantly quicker, easier, and there was a LOT less hair pulling!

I'll share photos with you as I get them done.  So far so good!!

I have declared that I am creating an amazing wedding on a tight tight tight budget. 
Item one: Flowers.  CHECK!
And the best part is, there is no water needed, they will not wilt, I don't need to store them in the fridge, I don't need to have a melt down when they don't arrive in time. Presto! Done!
Just hope it doesn't rain!!! 

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