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Friday, October 30, 2009

Beauty is Back

Beauty is all around us.
Design is everywhere.
One of my favorite places in Arizona, San Xavier Mission.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Long Time no See

Hello All!
I've taken and will continue to take a little break from my weekly blog...
Our office will be closed from now until October 20th. I'm getting married!

When I return I will share tons of new ideas and perhaps fill you in on how We created our Dream Wedding...

Until then! Have a wonderful two weeks!

Within Studio

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October Finds

Just a few little items that I like.... Cool Design for a Cool October Day..

Katharina Ludwig's defensive mechanisms for the urban being are multi-purpose bags, a series of bags for people who feel threatened in our society. The bags are "a sort defensive weapon, not visible as such in the first place, but which can be applied when feeling threatened." Above, one of three bags in the collection, The Pink Bag which can extend to about two and a half times its size so you can hide yourself inside it, "to escape the mass of people surrounding you."
See more at kathyludwig

The leather bag with wheels is a tool to get in touch with the ground and find orientation, get grounded. When letting go the handles and holding on the to textile part, the bag stretches down to the ground and can be pulled alongside on the wheels.
See more at kathyludwig.com.

Isn't that great? Her website shows you step by step how the girl got INTO her purse and how s
he make her other purse turn into a pulling piece of art! Love Love it!

This next item is called a Book Porcupine by Holly Palmer.

And Finally, the Ribbon Coat Rack by Headsprung

Days Like this I LOVE being a designer!
Now back to my coffee.


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