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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Plastic Bottle Heaven

Boy do I have a Blog for you today! I received this from my mom who received it from a friend in Argentina. I bet you've never seen Red Bull Like this!

So what's the story?
Well, there is a family in Argentina that did not have much money...as you may know, Argentina has had economic issues for years... so instead of getting depressed at the lack of funds...this family got Really creative!

It all began when one of the daughters asked her parents to buy her a little doll house. The parents were poor and could not afford one, so her father offered to make her one out of things he had. So he created a house of bottles and milk boxes... but he created it so not only the dolls could use it, but the little girls too!

That doll house became the model for bigger homes to come!

The entire house and furnishings are made of Plastic BOTTLES!!! No kidding!
Check out this chair!!!
A shot of the ceiling... take a good hard look !

Baskets, containers, you name it..they RECYCLED!

A view from the interior of the house... shelving area.

This is the entrance to the home, which has now become a Tourist Attraction in Puerto Iguazu.

The sign out front says: "When you enter my home, bring with you happiness, leave sadness and pain outside, for another day."

It's truly a work of art! I love the floral detail below the counter.

This is great... from the garden outside.. the sign on the toilet says:
"You always sat here in a hurry and with contempt, you never imagined what my future would be."

The sign on the bidet says:
"Here you washed everything with love, today I have many flowers an I take care of them with pride"
Here is Pablo standing with the Doll House.
Pablo Arganaraz is from Tucuman. He visited this location and was the one to confirm that EVERYTHING including the furniture was made out of 2 liter Coca Cola bottles.

The idea was simple. To create plastic blocks that would resemble Bricks in nature.

The windows were made from CD cases!
From all the bottles, they kept the Tops which they made into Curtains!

Truly gives new meaning to "One man's trash is another man's treasure!"
On the front porch they created a Christmas tree! It still stands there today!!

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