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Friday, February 26, 2010

3 + 4 + 5 Form

For those of you that are familiar with 3-Form! Lookout! You can find out more info at: http://www.3-form.com/

3form introduces Ready to Go – more than 75 pre-packaged solutions to save you time and money. Create custom sliding doors, insert dramatic tables, add exquisite illuminated features – all with off-the-shelf specification
and full service.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Electric Mirror

I get emails from Electric Mirror quite frequently. And it is surprising how many people don't know about this company. For those of us that just absolutely MUST multi-task..they've got the mirror for You!
Want to watch the news but need to shave because you're late for work? No problem.
Here ya go!

I personally, want to take a shower and relax and not hear about the stock market...but that's just me...

it's a hit in Many hotels!

The Fairmont loves them as do many other resorts.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Designer to Watch

William Emmerson was born in London and moved to Los Angeles over a decade ago after graduating from Polytech. Emmerson cites a small sculpted head which his father hand-carved for him when he was 12 years old as both his prize possession and the impetus for beginning his life as a designer. Watching his father carve, it became obvious to him that he wanted to create From that point forward, his journey has been a natural progression. He has since designed commercial and residential interiors and has designed furniture collections.

information from: http://www.ralphpucci.net/

Cool Finds

For your table top:
Super pretty vases by Clio-Home.com

For the kid in you:
Loving this Match and Munch set from Spoonsisters.com
I want ONE!

Something cool for your floor:Cork ModuTiles by MioCulture.com Cover existing floor with this flexible pattern.

Another cool find.....
I want I want I want!!
I love these auditorium style chairs. From Threepotatofourshop.com

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pipe Dreams

OK! Here is a new one for you! This is a HOTEL! Indeed it is! Talk about a New Pod!
The dasparkhotel in Ottensheim, Austria.

Can you guess what it's made out of?

Recycled Drain Pipes!
Genius! Genius! Genius!

Designer, Andreas Strauss. My hero.

They aren't going anywhere! They weigh NINE TONS EACH!

Below is an article I found:

another article called Down the Tubes.

For more fabulous info:

Donaulände 21
4100 Ottensheim, Austria
0650 8415850

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Plastic Bottle Heaven

Boy do I have a Blog for you today! I received this from my mom who received it from a friend in Argentina. I bet you've never seen Red Bull Like this!

So what's the story?
Well, there is a family in Argentina that did not have much money...as you may know, Argentina has had economic issues for years... so instead of getting depressed at the lack of funds...this family got Really creative!

It all began when one of the daughters asked her parents to buy her a little doll house. The parents were poor and could not afford one, so her father offered to make her one out of things he had. So he created a house of bottles and milk boxes... but he created it so not only the dolls could use it, but the little girls too!

That doll house became the model for bigger homes to come!

The entire house and furnishings are made of Plastic BOTTLES!!! No kidding!
Check out this chair!!!
A shot of the ceiling... take a good hard look !

Baskets, containers, you name it..they RECYCLED!

A view from the interior of the house... shelving area.

This is the entrance to the home, which has now become a Tourist Attraction in Puerto Iguazu.

The sign out front says: "When you enter my home, bring with you happiness, leave sadness and pain outside, for another day."

It's truly a work of art! I love the floral detail below the counter.

This is great... from the garden outside.. the sign on the toilet says:
"You always sat here in a hurry and with contempt, you never imagined what my future would be."

The sign on the bidet says:
"Here you washed everything with love, today I have many flowers an I take care of them with pride"
Here is Pablo standing with the Doll House.
Pablo Arganaraz is from Tucuman. He visited this location and was the one to confirm that EVERYTHING including the furniture was made out of 2 liter Coca Cola bottles.

The idea was simple. To create plastic blocks that would resemble Bricks in nature.

The windows were made from CD cases!
From all the bottles, they kept the Tops which they made into Curtains!

Truly gives new meaning to "One man's trash is another man's treasure!"
On the front porch they created a Christmas tree! It still stands there today!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Restauratour: Having a Ball with RA Sushi's Decor

Found an old article from 2004.... aaah memories!

Restauratour: Having a Ball with RA Sushi's Decor: "Its formal name, RA Sushi Bar Restaurant, coyly confuses customers: A..."

Orange Revisited

Back in the summer I posted a topic

The 7,o000 s.f. Office is Complete and with touches of Orange!
View from the small lobby area. We chose to put the 'orange' accents in the ceiling.

I love the conference room. There is dark gray pin up area with a dry erase paint in between.
Such a great room! The can write on the walls, pin up presentations and also pull down a screen for additional media options.

These are called break out rooms. They are at each corner of the office for impromptu meetings.
Each break out room is equipped with pin up space and dry erase walls (it's a paint product called Idea Paint)

The goal of this project was to create a work environment that was bright, airy, and comfortable to work in.
Clients are happy.
I am happy.

A House is Born Part V

This week Construction was moving fast! They are almost done with the framing process.
This home is looking great! The surrounding landscape is doing great and responding beautifully!

The Within Studio trend is Details Details Details! I just cannot get enough of them!
Walking on to a job site is like candy land to me! There is such beauty in the details, and sometimes we take them for granted. This metal stake in the ground had such color, actually, my wedding colors! ha!

The exterior fireplace
Every room in the house has splendid Views!

Standing in the office.
View from the master bath window.
I have to have my red details!

The beautiful Saguaros looking great!
We built the house specifically around this hugging couple.
They were our inspiration.

Do you ever stop and look at how something is made? To really appreciate its angles, its color, its complexity...

The Happy Couple.

Just like Ferris Bueller said
"Life moves pretty fast. You don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it"

It's these little guys that hold this structure together... how many times do you stop and say, thank you whoever created the nail, thank you very much. You're helping this house stand strong.

I love this image. If you search online for the word "Architect" you get a bunch of photos of guys with cool glasses pointing at a drawing. And here it is! It's so true! That is exactly what happens!
The Architect on this job is Ben of IncCite Architect. He's amazing! A truly gifted and exceptional Artist. We were standing here discussing the ceiling of the client's office.

my little boots on site.

Watching these guys build is amazing. They stand on the very very very last step and balance themselves through simple physics. It's truly a mastered art!

More cool job site details.

These are the bricks from 1880! Recycled from an old Chicago street.

aaaaa.. perfect balance...
More photos to come soon!
Framing will be complete in March and then starts the fun stuff!
Cheers all!
...get inspired, get involved, go-within!