How to get the Nissan Pathfinder interior for less than $4,500 (or $6,000 if you get a 5.0L)

  • July 28, 2021

I’ve always been a Nissan Pathfinder fan.

My wife and I love the car and I think it’s one of the coolest vehicles on the planet.

It’s got a fantastic ride quality, good fuel economy and a fun, comfortable cabin.

When I first started buying used vehicles, I had a hard time finding a used Nissan Pathfinder, so I bought it from a friend in the past.

The price I was paying was a bit high at the time, and I was hoping to buy a used car for the first time.

But that’s not what I ended up doing.

I got the Pathfinder interior from a used dealer, so that’s what I had to do.

In a world where cars are selling for anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000, the Pathfinder was a steal at $4.99 per month.

That’s pretty low for a used vehicle, but I figured it would be worth the investment for me to get a new vehicle that had a little more life.

In order to get this Pathfinder, I needed to make a few modifications to my old vehicle.

I had originally ordered a used, 3.0 liter V6 with the intention of selling it on Craigslist, but unfortunately it didn’t work out.

The dealer I bought the vehicle from had a 3.5 liter V8 engine that I could swap into my Pathfinder for a cheaper price.

After I bought my new Pathfinder, that V8 was replaced with a V6 engine that was already in the vehicle.

After getting my Pathfinder interior back, I knew that I had done my part in getting the Pathfinder back on the road.

If you’ve already bought a used Pathfinder, you can also swap in a 3,000-pound tow bar and add a custom rear spoiler.

The Pathfinder interior will now look more like a modern sport utility vehicle.

The front bumper is covered with a gloss black mesh, and the doors have been covered with black vinyl.

The seats are leather and have an orange stripe down the center, and they have been custom painted with black trim.

I’m glad I had that front bumper on the car because the car’s front bumper was so hard to remove.

I would have preferred to have the car have an air dam installed, but that was never an option.

I ended a couple of days of work before the end of the month by getting my car serviced by a mechanic.

The car came with the following components: The Nissan Pathfinder Interior I ended my work on on a Sunday, October 26, 2017.

The Nissan Pathfinder was the second car I had bought from a dealer.

It was a nice car, but not something I could have ever imagined myself buying.

After a couple days of looking at different options, I decided to go with the Pathfinder’s interior.

It came with a 2-year, 100,000 mile warranty, but it cost me $2,000 less than the Pathfinder I’d purchased.

That means I could replace parts for free.

It also meant that the Pathfinder would be the only car in my garage that had to be serviced every three years.

I bought a Nissan FRS-5T Sport Sedan from a dealership that had just been sold.

The FRS was the best thing to happen to me in a long time, but the FRS never had a rear spoiler installed.

The car’s seats had been custom-painted and had a chrome-plated spoiler.

They had also been custom made for me.

The interior looks good, but my car has never had an air vent installed.

I took the car to the dealership and got the car servied.

I started with the door and hood.

I was able to replace all the air ducts in the car without having to worry about leaks.

I then took the trunk and put in the rear seats.

It took a while, but after about 20 minutes of working, I was happy to find that the car had no leaks.

When I put the car in the garage, I installed the front bumper and seats.

I also added the rear spoiler, which has been a huge help.

The only problem I had was that the air dam had a crack in the base of the spoiler.

After taking it apart and cleaning it, I replaced the cracked air dam.

The next thing I did was to put the wheels in the factory alignment.

I figured I would install a special kit for the car, and it was easy enough to do that.

After the wheels were in the shop, I put in a new set of wheels, as well as a set of front tires and a set, as my old wheels were missing.

After my car was serviced, I moved onto the front fenders.

I installed a set on the front and front fender trim pieces, then installed the rear fenders, front wheels and tires.

The first thing I

How to turn your kitchen into a home interiors masterpiece

  • July 26, 2021

You’re not only going to have to make your kitchen more inviting, but you’re going to need some kind of interiors decoration.

Interior wood doors might seem like the easiest option, but a good one will probably require you to take some of your existing furniture and repaint it to look like your favorite wood floors.

If you’ve ever wanted to have a wood floor in your living room or bedroom, you know what that’s like, right?

Wood flooring has been around since the 19th century, and it’s one of the few furniture types that can still be found in contemporary homes today.

It’s made from hardwoods, and the wood is very durable and has a lot of life left in it, making it a perfect option for a modern kitchen or bathroom.

So how do you turn a piece of furniture into a real wood flooring masterpiece?

We decided to take a look at some interior wood floor designs to find the perfect wood floor design for your kitchen.

It can be pretty challenging to find furniture that can replicate some of the natural beauty of a particular piece of wood, so we decided to put together a list of the most popular wood floor patterns and how to turn that into a great interior decoration.1.

Simple wood floor tilesThe most common interior wood tile designs are made of a thin strip of white or brown fabric that’s used to cover the top of a wall, or sometimes to create a wall-mounted mirror.

These tiles are great for kitchen counters and other light fixtures, but they don’t stand out as much on the outside as they do inside.

They also don’t look much different from regular wooden tile, which is a good thing.

To make the tile look like it was made from a natural material, you can use a pattern of black or white stripes.

For the more sophisticated interior wood designs, you’ll need to find a different type of material to cover a wall.

Most of the interior wood tiles in our collection are white, and they all have a pattern that’s very similar.

You can also find decorative accents on your wood floor, such as small wood-trimmed roses or wood-carved chairs.

The most popular pattern for the interior kitchen is the “simple” version of this design, which uses a single strip of material that can be either white or gray.

This type of design has a flat pattern and a rectangular shape, with a black or gray stripe running along the middle.

You could also choose to have your interior floor tile have a black strip running across the edge.

The simple interior wood is not as expensive as some of our other tile designs, but it is not easy to find, and some interior tile suppliers will charge you an additional fee for it.

This design is also not recommended for larger kitchen counters, but if you have a lot to store on your counter, you might find it worth it.2.

Tile-covered mirrors or mirrors with a wood-covered top2.

Wall-mounted mirrors with wood or metal floorplates3.

Wood-painted mirrors4.

Wood tile walls with a finished finish5.

Wood painted ceilings6.

Wood floor tiles with wood panels7.

Wood floors made from recycled material8.

Wood wall and ceiling tiles9.

Wood cabinets10.

Wood ceiling tile11.

Wood shelving12.

Wood countertops13.

Wood shelves14.

Wood side walls15.

Wood windows16.

Wood window cover17.

Wood back wall wall 18.

Wood wood shelves19.

Wood footrests20.

Wood furniture coveringsThe more interesting interior wood design is the wood-plastered or wood mirror-covered design, or “wood-plated” in the home interior design language.

These are made from an assortment of different wood and metal floor plates.

Most people who are familiar with interior design know that wood-backed mirrors or mirror surfaces look nice, but we prefer the wood tile floor plates for this type of interior decoration because they’re easy to work with and have a much longer life.

To use this design in your kitchen, we recommend adding a strip of wood to the back of the table and a strip to the front.

These strips can be black or brown, and you can either use black or silver trim.

If your cabinets and other cabinets are built with metal flooring, the black strip should be cut down to just above the wood level.

You’ll also want to keep the black trim trim attached to the underside of the door knob.

Wood is the most common material to use in this design because of its durability and high energy absorption, but other materials are also used in this pattern, including wood floors and metal cabinets.

You might also consider using white tiles or tiles made from reclaimed wood, such, for a wood panel floor, which has a solid wood finish.

The “wood” part of this pattern is what makes it special.

It has a very smooth, glossy finish that

How to choose the right interior paint color for your interior

  • July 17, 2021

You can choose the best paint color to accentuate your space and add a touch of style to your home.

In this article, we will discuss how to choose interior paint colours to compliment your interior, whether you want it to be a bright orange, a dark purple, or a light blue.

You can also choose to use only one of the four colors or to combine the colors and create a unique design.

A bright orange or a dark blue for your exterior color.

A light purple for your inner spaces, like the windows, the fireplace, and your living area.

An orange for the living area of your home, like your kitchen, living room, or dining room.

A dark purple for the exterior of your house, like windows and doors.

A deep blue for the interior of your kitchen or living room.

Interior paint colors are often referred to as “paint color combinations.”

Each of the paint colors has a certain range of shades of blue, purple, and green.

These shades are used to make interior colors bright and distinctive.

Here are some color combinations that will work best with your particular home interior.

For more tips on choosing the right color for the right home, check out our guide to interior paint choices.

Nissan kicks Lincoln corsairs interior

  • July 15, 2021

Nissan, the parent company of Lincoln crossovers and other Nissan models, has launched a new interior for the 2017 Nissan crossover, the Lincoln cX.

The Lincoln cXi, the company’s second-generation Lincoln cx, is available in two exterior colors: blue and silver.

Nissan said it would be the first car to offer the new Lincoln cxi in a color besides blue and black.

It is available for purchase from April 3 to May 3, and can be pre-ordered for a price of $31,995.

The interior is a good fit for the cXi.

The center console is large, the seats are comfortable and there is plenty of room in the back.

It has a small rearview mirror and a full-size headrest.

The seats have a more relaxed look.

A smaller dashboard panel and a more comfortable steering wheel, plus a larger infotainment screen and larger buttons, make the cxi a better fit for a driver who wants to keep things simple.

Nissan will also offer a new steering wheel for the new cxi, which has a larger click-wheel, an improved bumpers and more comfortable stitching.

The new cXi will be available in both white and black, and will be the company’ first Lincoln cmx.

It will also be available with either the Navigation System (for navigation, traffic, and other information), Navigation Assistant (for basic navigation), or Navigation Plus (for more advanced navigation).

The Lincoln CXi will also have a new automatic driver assistance system, which includes Blind Spot Warning, Lane Departure Warning, and Braking Assist.

The driver can adjust the speed of the system, and it can even drive through intersections with the same steering wheel as the current Lincoln cxx.

The system works with all four seats, and is capable of turning the cx around by about 50 degrees.

The cxi has been a popular car for many years in Japan, where it was introduced in the late 1990s.

The first models, like the Lincoln CX, were popular enough that Lincoln sold about 200,000 of them.

This year, Nissan plans to produce 1.7 million cxi.

Inside a 2019 Hyundai Sonata – the inside story of the company’s interior, the engineering and the story of its future

  • July 14, 2021

Inside a 2018 Hyundai Sonatta – the interior of the car itself.

Inside a 2018 BMW 7 Series: Inside the car’s interior.

Inside the 2018 BMW 5 Series: The interior of a BMW 5 series.

Inside an Audi A8: The inside of an Audi, which is also a crossover.

Inside one of the Mercedes-Benz AMG E-Classes: The E-class.

Inside of a 2019 BMW 7 series: The rearview mirror.

Inside 2018 Audi A6: The roof.

Inside 2019 Audi A5: The driver’s seat.

Inside 2021 Audi A3: The dashboard.

Inside 2020 Audi A4: The glove box.

Inside 2022 Audi A2: The sunroof.

Inside 2017 Mercedes-AMG C63 AMG: The hatchback.

Inside 2015 Mercedes-BMW C63 Crossover: The Crossover.

Inside 2014 Mercedes-Honda C63 GTS-R: The sedan.

Inside 2013 BMW 5series: The door panel.

Inside 2012 BMW M5 M3 M4: Inside of the passenger side door panel and the driver’s door panelInside 2013 Audi A7 M3: Inside and outside the driver door panelThe interior of one of our 2018 Audi cars:Inside the rearview mirrors.

Inside all of our 2019 Audi cars

How to install an interior door sensor, including the most important part

  • July 10, 2021

The interior door sensors are the most basic way of controlling the interior of your car.

The basic design is the same for all of the interior door locks.

The key difference between the two is that the one in your door is connected to the sensor in the dash or on the rear bumper.

If your vehicle has the dash mounted, you can also connect the sensor to the dash and install the sensor from the passenger seat, as the dash sensor is connected from the driver’s seat.

The dash sensor can be mounted to any surface and can be accessed from the door opening.

The sensor must be in contact with the door’s exterior surface for it to work, so if you are using the dash to access the door from the interior, the sensor needs to be on the outside of the door.

To install the sensors, you will need a small screwdriver and some wire, so take care not to damage the sensor.

The dashboard sensor has a pin that can be unscrewed and inserted into the door to install the front sensor, which can be removed and installed from the back of the dashboard.

The back sensor can also be removed from the dash, and can also install the rear sensor.

A little assembly required.

Install the rear door sensor from a location that is at least 12 inches from the outside edge of the dash.

To ensure the rear of the car is in contact, install the wires that go to the front of the vehicle in the dashboard (see figure 1).

Then install the wiring from the dashboard to the rear.

If you do not have a small bolt, you could use a small drill bit.

Drill a hole through the dash for the wire to go into.

If there is no bolt or drill bit, the door sensor wire can be installed with a little bit of pliers or a bit of tape.

When you install the wire, it should look like the picture below.

If the door is not installed properly, you might have to adjust the position of the sensor until the door stops turning, or until you get the door door to stop turning.

If it is installed correctly, the rear camera will not be able to record the sensor position when the door starts turning.

This is because the rear cameras can only capture the position from the sensor’s position in the sensor slot.

To make sure the rear sensors position is accurate, check the wiring that goes to the door, then look at the sensor on the sensor card.

If everything looks fine, turn the door open to check the sensor and see if it has the sensor reading.

If not, you may have to replace the sensor, or replace the wiring for the sensor (see table 1).

To install a dashboard door sensor You can install the dashboard door sensors directly to the dashboard, from a different location.

You can also use a door sensor that is installed from a car’s glove compartment to install them.

Installation on a car with a rear door switch There are two ways to install a rear sensor on a dashboard.

If a car has a rear switch, the dashboard sensor will only be in its designated location.

If this is not the case, the wiring will need to be routed to the driver side of the switch.

To do this, remove the dashboard from the car and replace it with a new one.

To connect the dash with the switch, you’ll need to disconnect the wires to the sensors.

You’ll then need to cut the wiring off the dashboard and remove the sensor cable.

The wires should look similar to the picture in figure 2.

The front and rear sensor wires should be connected to different locations on the dash (see picture 3).

Make sure the wiring is tight enough to keep the sensors from going out of their designated locations.

If all goes well, the front and the rear will now be in a good position for the car to start turning.

The car will not stop turning until the sensor is set to turn, so you will have to install some brake calipers to help prevent the door starting to turn.

Install a front sensor The next method is to install front door sensors on a dash with a front door switch.

In order to do this you need to take out the dashboard or a similar part of the front door and install it from the front.

This will allow you to install your sensor directly into the dash without having to take it out and install wires.

The wiring is a little tricky, so make sure to follow the instructions carefully.

You will need some wire to connect the sensors to the wiring.

The first sensor you need is a front-facing camera.

The camera is attached to the car’s front, so the sensor should be positioned on the same side of it as the sensor with the driver seat.

You also need to remove the dash from the side that has the camera, and place the sensor into the back, which is the position that the driver would be facing in a car without a front or rear door.

If necessary, you should use some tape to make sure that the sensor

How to decorate your home in Yukon

  • July 6, 2021

Here is our guide to how to decorating your home and dining room in Yukons interior, which you can purchase in stores and online.

Interior décor is a must if you are planning to decoratively decorate.

There are no hard rules, but here are our guidelines to consider when it comes to choosing the right interior decorating material for your Yukon home.

The basics of decorating a Yukon house and diningroom The basics for decorating an interior are the same as those for decoratiing an apartment or condo.

The basic decor rules include: Do not use the same material for the same decoration on every wall, floor or ceiling.

A good rule of thumb is that if you want the wall to look as good as it can when it’s hanging off a shelf, make it a natural wood finish.

If you’re going to do a lot of painting on your home, it’s a good idea to use a light-colored material like wood or plastic for the walls.

Be sure to make the decorating process as easy as possible.

For example, the more natural the wood finish, the easier it will be to hang on a shelf.

Avoid the use of any kind of paint, glue, or adhesives.

The more you use, the less natural it will look.

Keep it simple.

You don’t want to make a whole lot of mistakes or do any kind to mess up the finish of your home.

Try to use the material that is in your home as little as possible, and if you have any special needs, try to avoid the materials that are already in use in your community.

For instance, if you’ve got a lot going on, it might be easier to paint the walls with a paint that’s easier to apply.

You can use natural wood, or a mix of natural and synthetic materials, or you can mix up materials like polyurethane and foam for more natural finish.

The color of your wall and floor surfaces will affect the look of your decor.

For a more natural feel, use a mix that matches your home decor, but you can also use a combination of natural wood and natural or synthetic materials.

You might also want to consider using natural wood paint for walls, especially if you live in the North Yukon.

The colors of the wall and the floor can also affect the style of your design.

If your decorating materials are not natural wood or synthetic, it may be a good thing to try to choose materials that reflect the natural look of the landscape.

When You Want To Buy a Car But You Can’t Find One

  • July 6, 2021

The last few years have seen a shift in the way consumers shop for new vehicles.

As consumer demand for vehicles is driven higher by increased spending on technology, luxury brands have been able to build their brand recognition with their own cars.

That hasn’t always been easy for other car brands.

For example, Porsche and Audi have had to fend off the rising cost of new vehicles, while Mercedes-Benz has struggled with rising fuel costs.

And while GM, Ford, and Chrysler have all taken a hit as a result of the auto industry’s recent downturn, Ford and Chrysler still have a strong position in the U.S. market.

While it may seem like consumers are moving away from car brands, automakers still have the power to make sure they’re still making their products accessible to consumers.

Here are three ways automakers can make their products more accessible to people, as well as the reasons why they don’t: 1.

Make Your Cars Self-Driving: The majority of car purchases in the United States go to the manufacturer, so automakers can’t simply shut down the car’s software and software functions and turn them off entirely.

They need to create systems that enable people to access the cars remotely.

That’s because it’s more convenient to make your vehicles drive themselves.

And if they’re not self-driving, they’re also more vulnerable to hackers and other hackers.

For that reason, automakers have to be aware of how they can improve their safety features.

They can do this by creating driver assistance systems that let people operate the car remotely.

This can mean that a person can drive the car with the help of a smartphone app, for example.


Put a Pedestrian-Friendly Rearview Camera in Your Car: When you’re looking for a car, you might see something like this: 1/1 A self-balancing system in a Honda Civic.

The front end of the vehicle is equipped with a pedestrian-friendly rearview camera.

The system is called a Pedantor.

2/1 An automatic braking system in an Audi A4.

The driver’s seat is equipped.

3/1 This Volvo S90 features a pedestrian and bicycle-proof rearview mirror.

It’s equipped with an electronic lock to prevent the vehicle from reversing.

This system uses a combination of sensors and cameras to alert drivers if there’s a hazard.

It also uses sensors to keep the driver aware of the speed of the car, road surface conditions, and the driver’s surroundings.

It helps prevent accidents, for instance.

In addition, automated safety systems can help prevent the possibility of someone getting hit in the head with a car.


Reduce the Cost of Automation: Automation has become more affordable over the past few years, so it’s less likely that consumers will be spending hundreds of dollars on a new car or buying a new home.

If you’re thinking about buying a home, consider getting a self-driven car.

However, as automakers continue to push for more automation, it may be that they’ll need to raise prices.

A selfless approach can mean fewer cars and less people owning them.

3: Make Your Vehicles More Adaptable: While some automakers are investing in technology that will make them more adaptable to new vehicles and customers, it’s important to remember that people are the ones who decide if they want to buy a new vehicle.

In other words, consumers are the buyers.

For this reason, the automakers have two choices: increase their vehicle prices to lure more people into their vehicles or increase the cost of their vehicles to keep more people from buying new vehicles in the first place.

This is why automakers need to keep innovating and changing their vehicles and their software to make their vehicles more accessible and more appealing to consumers, as it will help make the vehicle more affordable for them.


Offer Self-Service and Autonomous Driving: As consumer spending has increased, car companies have also realized they need to offer self-service and autonomous driving.

Self-service means that you simply call a number and ask a question to make a purchase.

Autonomous driving means that the car knows exactly what to do in a given situation.

The technology is based on human judgment.

This means that while you may think you can buy a car that has a driver-assistance system that lets you drive yourself, it could take hours of trial and error to make the purchase.

Car interior decoration best in the business

  • July 3, 2021

Car interior decorating and restoration is a profitable business.

In fact, car-repair shops are among the largest employers in Australia.

And the best in Australia are in the north-west.

The industry is also booming in the southern half of the country, where there is a growing need for car interior design and repair.

“We are seeing a resurgence of interest in car interior decorators,” says Craig Williams, chief executive officer of the Car Insurance Institute of Australia.

The booming industry is based around the northern parts of Australia, including Victoria and Queensland, where car manufacturers are more likely to have a major presence.

In Queensland, a survey by the car insurance industry found that car repair shops have seen a 25 per cent increase in sales in the past year.

It’s not just the automotive industry that has been picking up the tab for car and interior decor.

There’s also a growing interest in traditional Australian art, including pottery, furniture and other home decor, as well as contemporary Australian art.

Car insurance and car restoration company MCA has seen an influx of customers, with demand in the area increasing by 50 per cent in the first half of 2018.

“The car and home repair industry in Australia is experiencing a revival,” says Williams.

The rise in car repair work The boom in car-service businesses has also coincided with a significant increase in the number of car insurance claims in Victoria, a key trading partner of Australia’s car industry. “

It’s a big business, and it’s a great opportunity for car owners to show off their unique brand and to do it in a safe and professional environment.”

The rise in car repair work The boom in car-service businesses has also coincided with a significant increase in the number of car insurance claims in Victoria, a key trading partner of Australia’s car industry.

While car insurance premiums rose by 7.7 per cent last year, that was largely driven by rising claims for car accidents.

This year the total number of cars insured increased by almost 10 per cent, with more than 7,000 cars being repaired, repaired and insured by the insurance industry.

“Victoria has seen a rise in auto insurance claims, with an average of around 6,000 per month, or around 40 per cent of all car-insurance claims in the state,” says Simon Dickson, managing director of the Victorian branch of the insurance research company Insure Australia.

“As we move forward into the future, there will be an increase in car insurance claim growth in Victoria and around the country.”

And the number has been rising rapidly.

According to the Insurance Institute, the average car insurance premium in Victoria was £18,823 in 2017, up by more than 14 per cent from 2016.

The number of auto accident claims in Victorian has also risen, with a rise of almost 9 per cent.

“With more and more people paying out for car insurance, we expect that demand for car repair will increase, with increasing demand from people wanting to get the best value for their money,” says Dickson.

“What’s exciting is that it’s not necessarily just a matter of money; it’s also about style.”

Car insurance is often used by insurance companies to boost their profit margins.

The car industry has a reputation for cheap insurance and a lot of car repair, but car insurances have become an important part of the cost of owning a car.

It may seem like an odd choice for a business, but insurance companies are also increasingly looking to the car industry as a revenue stream.

“I don’t think it’s surprising that car insurance has become such a big part of a car insurance business,” says Josh Whetstone, senior analyst at the Insurance Research Institute.

What’s driving demand for the industry? “

Insurance is one of the largest expenses for car ownership in Australia, with over 20 per cent [of owners] paying out their car premiums.”

What’s driving demand for the industry?

While the popularity of the car in Australia has seen demand for auto insurance rise over the past few years, demand for a car repair service has remained relatively static.

According the latest survey by Insure, almost two-thirds of owners of a new car were satisfied with their repair services.

In 2018, the median repair fee paid was $1,812, with nearly a third of those paying more than $1 million.

In terms of the size of the repair fees paid, there was a significant variation between the three insurers, with the Insurance Industry Association of Australia charging the most, followed by Insures.

“People want to do their car repair themselves, so we think it will be a great revenue stream for car insurers,” says Whetstones.

But the other reason is that people are getting older and getting into a car that they don’t want

The Porsche Macan is one of the most expensive cars on the planet

  • July 2, 2021

Porsche’s new Macan, the most technologically advanced electric car ever, has sold out in its hometown of Zurich.

Porsche sold about 10,000 units in Zurich alone, but the car is still selling.

“We are selling out of the car, but we will keep making more and more,” Porsche chief engineer Martin Winterkorn said.

The Macan sold out of its original production run of 2,600, and sold out at auction for just over $3 million in March.

The car is powered by an electric motor that’s made of lithium-ion batteries, and Porsche says it can produce 500kWh of power.

It can go from 0 to 60mph in 4.8 seconds.

It has a top speed of about 220mph.

“I think the Macan has the most important part of its design, the chassis, which is a result of the technology,” Winterkordens said.

“It has an electric drivetrain, so the car feels like a sports car.”

The car was originally unveiled in 2011, and was the first electric sports car to be mass produced.

The electric drive is a massive improvement over the conventional motors.

Porsche says the Macans lithium-air batteries are a tenth of the weight and can go up to a speed of 300mph.

The company is also working on a new version of the Macane, which could be ready in 2021.

“The Macan’s the pinnacle of modern sports cars,” Wintercken said.

He expects the Macanes to sell out before the year’s end.

“At the moment, we are only selling about 10-15,000 cars,” he said.

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