Bugatti chirons new ‘chiron’ concept for interior architecture

  • July 25, 2021

A new Bugatti Chiron concept is expected to go on sale in the coming months, but it’s not going to be the one you’re used to.

Instead, the company’s design team will work on a fully autonomous interior design system.

That will be a departure from the traditional design that’s typically based on a physical model and involves a lot of manual labor, but with the Chiron, the design team has been able to “unlock” the power of the autonomous system, according to the Wall Street Journal.

That’s not to say the Chirons design team won’t be able to design something unique.

The design team can be as creative as they want, the WSJ notes.

The company also says that the Chirs will be able use its cloud-based infrastructure to create new models of its vehicles.

The idea behind the Chiris autonomous interior is to make the car as intuitive as possible to operate.

It’s meant to help make the vehicle more efficient.

That means you won’t have to use a joystick, as you might find on a traditional vehicle.

Instead of steering the car with a stick, the Chiri will be equipped with sensors and software that will help manage the vehicle, like the automatic braking system.

The team is also working on a new concept that includes a glass roof and a new, more powerful engine.

The Chiron concept was announced in November and was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in February.

It will be the first car in the Chorus family to be built with autonomous technology, but Bugatti didn’t announce anything on the Chirin until April, a few months after the official reveal.

It isn’t clear whether the Chiro will have a fully self-driving system or just the basic “chiron” feature set, but the company did mention that it will be based on its Chiron SUV, which was unveiled in 2016.

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