Toyota Sienna Interior, 2021 suburban Interior – Trailer, Tundra, 2.5L, 3.5T, 2WD, Premium package

  • October 15, 2021

Toyota is rolling out an interior theme in the Toyota Siennia for the upcoming 2018 model year.

The new Sienna interior is going to be available as a trailer or two-door sedan.

The theme is inspired by the classic Sienna exterior of the late 20th century, with an emphasis on comfort and a sleek design.

The Sienna’s styling is built around its front-end silhouette with a distinctive low roofline and a sculpted rear fascia.

The interior will be available in a two-tone shade of tan with a brushed chrome finish.

The front seats will be Alcantara and the driver’s seat is made of Alcantarin leather.

There will also be a soft-touch leather upholstery, an instrument cluster, and the standard Toyota-style heated seats.

The top trim will be made of leather, and all other trim levels will come in Alcantar.

The Sienna will be offered in a variety of trim levels.

The base Sienna is priced from $22,000.

The Premium Sienna model is $24,900.

The $30,000 Premium Siennias will be coming to the US later this year.

Which new homes are you most excited about?

  • August 4, 2021

The most popular answer to that question was “the suburbs”, with a combined 1.5 million votes.

That said, it’s the most popular interior design question in the US, and the suburbs are certainly a popular destination.

It was a close second place for “new homes”, with almost 1.7 million votes, behind the “suburbs” (with about 1.4 million votes).

That said though, it may be that we’re a little biased, because a whopping 13.5% of respondents to this question said they were homeschooled.

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