How much does the new BMW X5 sound?

  • August 7, 2021

By now, most people know the BMW X4 is the company’s flagship sedan.

But what about the X5?

How much will it sound?

The X5 has been rumored for months, but no details have come from the brand.

That’s because the X4 was never officially unveiled, and the company hasn’t announced a new model.

So how much will the new X5 cost?

Engadgets recently asked BMW’s PR department what the X6 will cost.

“We are aware of the rumours and we are preparing a release announcement,” a spokesperson told us.

The spokesperson also explained that the company will announce a price and pricing range “in the near future.”

It’s unclear if that announcement will be imminent, but it’s a safe bet that it will be soon.

The X6 and X6 Plus were announced back in September, but the X7 and X7 Plus have been rumored since March.

The new X7 will be the companys first SUV and the first convertible SUV since the X3 was discontinued.

The latest rumors also suggest that the X8 and X8 Plus will be announced in October.

The BMW X6 has been on sale for almost three years now, and BMW hasn’t given any official word about the new car since the announcement of the X1.

But in a recent interview with the German newspaper Bild, BMW CEO Harald Krueger said that the automaker will announce the new SUV in October at the Paris Motor Show.

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