What’s next for the Chevy Equinox?

  • September 6, 2021

With a new owner taking over and a car that just received a $10,000 upgrade, the 2015 Chevy Equine has been the focus of much speculation and rumor in the media.

With no confirmation from Chevrolet that the 2016 Equinux will see the light of day, here are five things to know about the upcoming new vehicle.


The 2016 Equine will be Chevy’s first mass-produced car, not just a street car.

The 2015 Equinoxy is the first Chevy car to have been built at the plant in Warren, Michigan, since the factory closed in 2010.

The factory was sold to General Motors Co. in 2011 for $1.3 billion.


The new Chevy Equinox will have a manual transmission.

GM said in a press release that the new Equinax will feature a “manual” automatic transmission.


The automaker has not revealed pricing or availability information for the new car, but it is expected to start at around $26,500, a price that is slightly higher than the $25,000 starting price for the Equinon.


GM has said that the automaker will sell the Equinoxes at dealerships, and that it will “continue to sell the full-size Equinokys as we roll out additional performance and fuel economy features to the Equine line in 2019.”

The automakers first SUV to have automatic transmission will likely be the 2019 Lincoln Navigator, which is scheduled to debut next year.


GM plans to make a few other changes to the 2016 Chevy Equinax, including a new front-wheel drive system that will be similar to the 2015-era version, but also a few smaller changes that will improve fuel economy and cabin quality.

In addition to the automatic transmission, GM has also said that it is working on a new suspension system for the 2016 Chevrolet Equinoc.

While it is unclear if the suspension will feature “manually or automatically,” GM said that “the new suspension technology will provide greater response from the car’s front wheels and more responsive steering, and it will deliver greater control for a safer driving experience.”


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