How does the Lincoln Navigator Interior Compare to the Chevy Suburban?

  • July 8, 2021

Interior paint can be quite a subjective decision.

When it comes to exterior design, the Lincoln Suburban’s cabin can be the more premium of the two.

In a bid to bring its cabin to the level of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the Navigator was painted by Alfa Romeo in the luxurious “Peglio” colour scheme.

This colour scheme, combined with the presence of a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a glass dash, makes the Navigate look like a true premium luxury sedan.

As a result, we’re willing to give the Lincoln a nod for the interior.

The navigation console, a large touchpad, is positioned on the centre console, making it easy to navigate navigation apps and menus.

While it’s not a premium product, it’s a great way to bring your nav system to life.

On the other hand, the navigation system can be a little overwhelming, and that’s especially true when it comes down to the most basic functions.

There are some good features, but the navigation is not as intuitive as some of the more expensive cars on the market.

This is especially true of the navigation menu, which can be difficult to navigate.

The display can also be quite inaccurate in places, making navigation a challenge.

The seats are also a little lacking.

They have some padding, but not enough for a car like the Lincoln.

Overall, the nav system is a solid product and the interior is well-built.

For the price, the Navigation System is worth a look.

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