How to Build a Custom Interior for a Ford F150 2.0 (Video)

  • August 13, 2021

How to build a custom interior for a car that’s been stripped down and then repainted to look like an F150. 

The Ford F15 is the only F150 in production, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune to its own special brand of fakery. 

Ford built a special interior for the F150 to look the part of the F-150 in 2014, but it’s not the first time the car’s been painted a different color to look more like the rest of the world. 

We spoke to the man behind the paint to learn how he went about modifying an F-15’s interior to make it look like the real thing.

Ford’s F150 interior is so special, that the car even has its own nickname, Ford F-1500 Interior.

The exterior has been repainted by an experienced interior-painting team that includes a custom paint artist. 

In an interview with Ford’s YouTube channel, Mike Clements, who’s responsible for all of Ford’s exterior interior work, explained how the paint and trim were painted to match the interior.

“We used a paint-sanding machine and the paint came out like a brick,” Clements told us.

“We just took a bucket of water and put it on the roof. 

And that’s it.

It’s very, very easy to work with, so we went through the process.”

The paint and the trim are custom made to look a little bit like the interior, but the inside is just a few layers of paint that were applied to match it to the exterior.

Clements says that Ford was able to do this because the F15 has a “very distinctive paint job,” which is what allows it to look different than any other F150 car. 

“The way that it was done, we just applied the paint from the top to the bottom of the fender,” Cements said.

“So, you’re applying paint from top to bottom and just starting to lay it out.”

Clements’ team used a local manufacturer to apply the paint, which was painted in two coats to match up to the interior paint.

“The second coat is the base coat and the last coat is for the body,” he explained.

“The second layer is for that little bit of paint on the fenders, the body, and the side skirts.”

Clement says that this process can take up to six hours.

The exterior is also painted in a similar fashion, but Clements says the paint will stay put longer than the interior because the interior is still a very, VERY thin layer of paint.

Clement explains that Ford’s paint team also used a primer that “melted” and then a spray of water to create the look of the interior painting.

The paint will “remain solid,” but it will still “melter” and look like it has “an oily finish.”

“So the next thing you do is you use a sprayer,” Cicles explained.

“[It] goes in and coats the whole paint to really take it to a more metallic look, and that’s what the paint does to it.” 

Clements explains that this paint is then mixed with a clear coat, and a second coat of primer. 

Once all of that is mixed, the F1500 interior is finally painted in its new paint color, which Clements described as “a very dark blue.” 

The interior is also sprayed a final time with a spray primer to give the F100 interior the look that it’s famous for. 

Finally, the interior was finished off with a second layer of clear coat to make sure the car looked “perfect.”

Clems says that these finishing touches were a result of the “superior quality” of the paint used to paint the interior in the first place.

“You can see it’s really high-quality and it’s a very high-gloss,” Clems said. 

What’s more, the finished F-50 interior is just as comfortable as the F250. 

As Clements explained, Ford uses an all-metal finish that is used on every F-Series vehicle. 

While this is a very unique and unique look for the interior of the Ford F50, it’s certainly not the only time the F 150 has been painted with a different paint job. 

When Ford built the F50’s exterior in 1997, it was painted with the same high-grade paint used on the F750 and F-250.

But it’s no surprise that the F F150 has a similar interior paint job in its future.

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