What to know about Jeep Gladiator interior

  • September 29, 2021

Jeep is working on a Jeep Gladiator SUV that will be the first to come with a fully interior with a large cargo area, according to an engineer who has been briefed on the project.

Jeep is working with a team of engineers to develop the SUV that includes a front bumper that will include a rear spoiler and side mirrors, according the engineer.

The Jeep Gladiator will be made of a composite material that is more durable and light than steel, and it will also have a lower center of gravity, he said.

Jeep Gladiator will also include a cargo area with a retractable roof and will have the company’s new front bumper and side mirror, he added.

“We’re also working on an updated exterior,” the engineer said.

“We’re working on it in phases and hopefully we’ll get it to show up this summer.”

The Jeep Jeep Gladiator is expected to hit the market in 2019.