Which Indian house will have the coolest interior design?

  • June 17, 2021

By: Niranjan Gupta & co.

A stunning house of interior design has emerged in the city of Kolkata, which has recently become the hub for interior design in the country.

This house is located in a well-known neighbourhood, the area around the iconic Kolkatta Gate, the site of a popular sporting event.

The house is a mix of classic Indian and modern designs, with some modern touches.

A big part of this house is the glass front doors.

The front doors are made from glass.

This allows for an air of authenticity to the interior.

This is achieved by using glass as a structural element of the house.

The interior design is all-around a mix between the classic Indian design and modern Indian decorating.

The overall style is very modern and clean, with a clean aesthetic.

It’s a very stylish house.

In terms of the style, this house has become a very popular interior design spot.

It is also very popular for interior decorators to come and see the house for their work.

This also gives them a lot of time to interact with the owner.

They are also free to paint their own custom pieces for the house, making it a very well-designed interior design experience.

The home is situated in a high-rise apartment complex, and has a ground-floor retail space.

Apart from the exterior, the interior is well-appointed with a modern style.

The floors are white and polished, and the wall coverings are made of glass.

The main space has a large kitchen, which is equipped with a high counter and counters and a fridge, a pantry, a counter, and a dishwasher.

The living room and bedroom are also set in glass, which provides a high contrast between the living room, the dining room, and bedroom.

The kitchen is equipped for two people, with an extra space in the middle of the kitchen.

The bathrooms are also decorated with glass.

There is a very clean and functional dining room that has a separate entrance, and this allows for privacy and serenity to be maintained.

The dining room has a very modern look.

The large open kitchen is adorned with the best of modern Indian kitchen appliances, and is equipped to serve the home.

The floor is made of high-quality materials and is made up of wood, stone, and metal.

There are two doors on the back side of the home, and they open to the outside of the building.

The windows on the front of the living space are glass, and there is a glass panel in the window that looks out into the courtyard.

This gives the house a very inviting feel.

The master bedroom has a full-length window in the centre, which gives a view of the entire courtyard.

The master bedroom is equipped in a white-coloured and polished leather-style bed, with three leather arm rests and a satin headboard.

The headboard is very high-grade.

The arm rests are lined with silver leather, and are covered with an ivory-colour cover.

There’s a leather cover on the bed as well, with the pillow and the chair made from wood.

The bedroom also has an open kitchenette, which houses the stove, fridge, and microwave.

The door to the kitchen opens into a large, open lounge, with one-seater seating.

There were also windows in the kitchen that are lined in a gold-colours finish.

The dining room is equipped both with a large open table and a large comfortable armchair, and these also feature silver-colouring covers.

The table is made out of a white and finished leather, with two silver-finished handles.

The chair is also made out the same leather, but it’s made from a different material.

It has an ivory finish, and it has silver leather handles.

There are two glass partitions in the dining area.

There has to be an airtight seal in the glass partition.

There will be an additional seal on the glass side.

This seal is put in place with a silicone sealer, to ensure the quality of the product.

The glass has a high gloss finish.

This ensures the protection of the glass from scratches and damage.

The living room has two large open window, and each of these windows has a glass-colored cover on it.

The window covers on the main windows are also made from the same materials as the windows on other windows.

The curtains and curtains around the windows are silver-faux gold-faceted and made from gold-plated glass.

On the other windows, the curtains are made out a different colour and polished.

There was also a mirror in the main window that is covered in a silver finish.

The mirror is lined with white glass, with gold-coated edges and a silver foil cover.

The lamp has a silver and polished finish.

There is a small opening in the bedroom, and from this

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